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Strathard Heritage Web Site: Guidance for contributors

    Our hope is that this web site will develop as a helpful resource for people interested in the history and heritage of Strathard. The value of the site will be further enriched by contributions of images and articles from far and wide.

    The site is looked after by a small number of volunteers.  To help us manage the site we have put together some guidance for potential contributors. When thinking about submitting material please have a look at the website and read the guidance. This should give you a good idea of what we are looking for.

    We welcome all kinds of contributions including short articles; personal stories, anecdotes and memories; photographs and postcards; press cuttings; book reviews etc. If it has to do with the heritage and history of Strathard, we are interested!

    If you are sending us text, we suggest that you aim for 500-1000 words. Please also include images and illustrations (with captions) if possible, and if you are relying on someone else’s work please make sure you reference them. Photographs should be submitted in a high resolution (300DPI) jpeg format.

    Notes and references:

    If you are using references please ensure that they are numbered at the end of in the relevant text in parenthesis. At the end of the article provide the numbered references with the appropriate details. The names of authors/joint authors should always be cited followed by the book or publication/newspaper details with dates of publication and page references.

    On the website there are several articles which illustrate the style of referencing such ‘ Events on the Line’, some dates and events associated with the Aberfoyle Railway Line.

    Images and illustrations:

    Please provide these separately from the text of your article. However, identify where in your text you wish the image to be located. Full captions for your image, figure or illustration must be provided including the details of the source. It makes placing the image and caption in the correct place easier if your file reference for the item is the same as the caption.


    Responsibility for copyright clearance rests with the author. This is really important so please take great care to ensure that articles/illustrations submitted have been cleared of copyright for the intended purpose.

    If you need clarification on any aspect of this guidance prior to submission please make contact. Our wish is to make the process as easy as possible whilst maintaining a consistent approach.

    Contributions can be emailed to

    Revised James Kennedy 27th March 2024.