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The Slate Quarries Collection.

This is an evolving collection of articles and images. We thank all of those who have given permission for republishing articles and images in this website. Special thanks to Mairi and Helen from the Aberfoyle Past and Present Facebook page.

A very good starting point is the book ‘Aberfoyle Slate Quarries–fragments of an earlier world‘ written by Louis Stott, published in 2007 which is available in the Post Office and also from Stirling Council who worked with Louis in the publication of the book.

Cover of Book .

The following article called ‘ The Story of Slate‘ also from the pen of Louis Stott gives in 2 pages an excellent introduction taking us from 1574 to 1958.

You can download the article using this link and this link.

St Mary’s and the slate quarrymen is an article available to read from the website of St. Mary’s Church here.

The Forest Heritage Scotland webpage which describes Aberfoyle Slate Quarries offers a useful perspective and can be accessed using this link.

A worthwhile read for a wider perspective is a PhD by John A. Walsh(1999) ‘ Methods of evaluating slate and their application to the Scottish slate quarries‘ and in particular pages 104-109 for information about Aberfoyle. Another useful source is a blog from the Engine Shed which offers ‘A Slate Tour of Scotland: shaping historic roofs’.

Location of slate quarries and village 1898.
Quarry Cottages.
Slate Quarries Village circa 1950.