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Strathendrick Curling Club and Forest Hills

    This information is taken from a booklet produced by the club in 1996 to mark the 150th birthday of this interesting club. Its called ‘ The Move to Forest Hills’.

    In the middle to the late 1980s, Barratt built a splendid new time share complex at Kinlochard, which included a leisure facility. At the outset they stipulated that these facilities including a four-lane ice rink, would be exclusive to the time share owners. The time soon came when the owners decided that outside clubs could book ice at the curling rink. The evening ice times were 6.30 pm and 8.45 pm which suited our membership much better than the 5.30pm and 10 pm sessions at Stirling. During the 1988/89 season we played our evening league at Forest Hills, but kept a toe in the door at Stirling by playing an evening knock-out competition there. We continued this format until the 1991/92 season, when we moved all our ice bookings to Forest Hills. The club enjoyed the atmosphere at Forest Hills and plays the evening league season after season with 11 or 12 teams. It is a lovely sight to see the four rinks solid with Strathendrick blue jerseys.

    Our thanks to Gill and Peter Smith for this information.