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Stories of The Trossachs by Louis Stott.

    This is one of several articles written by Louis Stott who generously offered local aspects of his scholarship to the archive of Loch Ard Local History Group–our thanks to Louis and his family for this material.

      Take care on your journey through The Trossachs, as round almost every corner holds a story of myth and legend. It is said that Ben Venue is the gathering place for the Faery Folk.  The story tells of the Earl of Menteith who was pestered into giving them work.  He gave them the task of making a rope of sand.  They grew tired of this employment and began pestering him again.  He then granted them Ben Venue as a place where they could hold their meetings.  They accepted this and a cave sometimes called “The Goblin’s Cave” is where they are supposed to congregate.

    Loch Achray and Ben Venue.

    The waters of Loch Venacher are said to be the home of a Kelpie.  A Kelpie is a spirit of the waters but when on land, takes the form of a large black horse.  It entices children onto its back and takes them deep down into the water to the bottom of the loch.  The children drown.  Loch Chon, west of Loch Ard is also said to be the home of a Kelpie.

    Loch Drunkie,  according to legend, got its name from the time of the excise men.  It became illegal for people to make their own whisky without paying tax to the government.  During a whisky run from Callander to The Teapot in Kinlochard, a group of excise men were spotted in the distance.  As the locals could not be caught with the whisky they rolled the kegs into the loch.

    Loch Drunkie from Trossachs Road.