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Rob Roy The Highland Rogue (1953) Exhibition from 2003.

    This exhibition was presented by Loch Ard Local History Group to illustrate the story of what happened when the 1953 version of Rob Roy was filmed on location in and near the village of Kinlochard.

    Several local people were extras and elsewhere on this website you will find a 6 minute oral history recorded in 2003 where Wilf and Margaret Luke share their memories. It’s well worth viewing this exhibition and then listening to the oral history as a package.

    The exhibition was held on 17th May 2003 as a means of celebrating the 50th anniversary of when the film was made.

    Slide 1 Opening.
    Slide 4 Richard Todd.
    Slide 5 Glynis Johns.
    Slide 6 Enjoying a break.
    Slide 7 Margaret Luke at Brig O Turk.
    Slide 8 Wilf at Trossachs Road.
    Slide 9 Bill Smith.
    Slide 10 Hettie Smith.
    Slide 11 Battle Scenes.
    Slide 12 Ready for Battle.
    Slide 13 Funeral.
    Slide 14 Mary McGregor’s Funeral.
    Slide 15 Boat Crew.
    Slide 16 Burial ends.
    Slide 17 Black Linn.
    Slide 19 Poster for end.