Strathard Heritage Digital Archive





Now and then, part 1

    Compiled by Arthur Jones

    Old photographs are always intriguing, and the Loch Ard Local History Group was fortunate to be given a large number of local images in the form of a collection of old postcards. Although we do not, unfortunately, have precise dates for these, a reasonably accurate guess can be made as to the era in which some of them were taken by looking at the clothes worn or the vehicles being driven. I thought it would be interesting to try to ‘recreate’ some of these shots as they appear now and tried to get myself into the position occupied by the original photographer – but that was not always possible as in some cases new buildings have been erected or vegetation has grown up around those spots. Additionally the technical specification of my camera differs from those of the earlier photographers, so fields of view etc are not always the same. The majority of my photos were taken in 2019, though there are one or two that are slightly older. I hope that you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them.