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Loch Ard Local History Group Visit in April 2016.


    The following notes were prepared by one of our members, probably Louis Stott and are taken from the RCAHMS website. You can also download the full document using this link.

    A longer and somewhat flowery version of this story can be found online at

    under the title A summer at the Lake of Mentieth  “The Earls Niece”

    If , after wading through that and you still have the time and will, you should follow the link back to the index where you find that it was written by P.Dun, Station Master, Port of Mentieth in 1866 and there is also a long contents list

    which will give you hours, if not days or weeks even of entertainment.

                I had never heard of this wordy gentleman before but I’m absolutely amazed and delighted to have discovered him. Further research required!