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Growing up in the Prefabs by Isabel Piper.

    This article was published in the Strathard News in May 2024 and our thanks to Isobel and the Strathard news team for permission to reproduce it here.

    The Prefabs were built in 1947/1948 and we moved in in 1948. That was Mum, Dad and me then Kathleen came along.

    Prefab Lochard Road Aberfoyle

    I don’t remember very much about the first few years but I do remember how each room looked. They were built on bricks so both doors had steps up to them. When you came in the front door on the right was the living room then straight ahead was the bathroom and back bedroom, the front bedroom was on the right.  In the front bedroom there was a wardrobe, in the back bedroom which was larger there was a wardrobe and a cupboard with two deep drawers under it. In the bathroom there was an airing cupboard with the hot water tank in it, bath, wash hand basin and toilet. The living room was quite large with a closed in fire which nowadays would be called a stove. This was where we cooked on in a power cut. Through the living room was a fully fitted kitchen which had a large cupboard to take brushes, ironing board etc. A larder cupboard, cooker, fridge and boiler for the washing. All the cupboards etc were metal. I remember in the winter we had to scrape the ice off the windows. At the front the garden was split in two with a path running all the way along. At the back was the washing green and a shed. There was a road at the back wide enough for the coal lorry and the bin lorry to get in. Between No. 6 and No. 7 there were blackcurrant bushes. There were landslides from Craigmore, we could hear the rocks coming down. One actually landed in a garage, luckily there was no car in it.

    There was a variety of ages in the 8 prefabs so it was a good community. Every one helped one another. We used to play in each other’s gardens.

    Going to school I missed the August intake and had to wait until the Easter intake, I think I was getting my tonsils out at the time. Going in at Easter meant that you joined the next August intake and went in with them to primary one. That is why Kathleen and I ended up in the same class. We didn’t get to go to the canteen at lunch time as Mum always had our lunch ready. We had great birthday parties with sandwiches, jelly and ice cream. The best bit was the decorated birthday cake which dad had made. 

    At the side of the Prefabs was a road leading into the woods with a big tree at the end which was known as the turning tree. We spent a lot of our time playing in the woods and I can still smell wild garlic.

    Between the Prefabs and the field which is now Craigfoot Terrace was a burn and a row of hazelnut trees. We paddled in the burn and climbed the trees. We would also paddle in the river. No word of health and safely then.

    Who’s who in the Prefabs 1948-1968.

    Alastair McLeod had a Radio and TV workshop at the end of the Prefabs and I remember we got our first TV from him. That was the same year as Frances was born.

    When Granny died Joe came to stay with us. He would go into the woods with his pellet gun and bring back wood pigeon. Mum cooked them for our tea and when you were eating it you had to spit out pellets. Then it was rabbit we would have rabbit stew for tea. Joe had a motor bike and we would go on the back for a run. His fox terrier, Vixy sat on the petrol tank on the front. Again, no heathy and safety. When he got a car, we would stand on the side runner and he would take us up and round the turning tree. Great fun.

    When we started going to the dances, we could go to the Pavilion now the Forth Inn or Rob Roy. We had to walk there as none of us had a car. There was dancing Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with live bands. Dad worked through the night on a Friday so after the dance we would go down to the bakery and if pies were ready, we had a pie to eat going home. If not, it was a roll and jam.  Happy Days!!!

    We would walk up Lochard Road to the school then run past the church as there were no street lights. The grounds were covered in rhododendron bushes but now they have all gone.

    Then came the time when the tin holiday homes in the field were demolished, burn piped and trees taken down and foundations were laid for the new homes.

    Various pictures from the Prefab era.